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Get Information About Hail Claim Process

Anyone who lives in Colorado knows how beautiful the state is and also how ugly it can get when a hailstorm rolls through your neighborhood. If you have been living in Colorado for a while, you know what we are talking about. If you are new to the state, just wait a bit, and you will understand sooner than later!

When (not if) your property is the subject of a hailstorm pounding, we recommend contacting your insurance agent immediately to see how they want you to handle the situation. We can’t stress enough that it is very important to have patience when dealing with everyone involved (insurance agent, insurance adjuster, roofing company) after a hailstorm. It can get extremely hectic for everyone involved, and it’s often called a catastrophe for good reason.

We strongly advise customers to let us inspect their property for damage BEFORE they file a claim. There are situations that arise when you don’t need to file a claim, and you don’t want a history of filing claims on your record just because some other roofer said it’s damaged. Unfortunately, the roofing industry doesn’t have the best reputation, and we have seen some very unethical situations occur due to that fact.

When you call your agent, make sure you find out the following items:

1.   Hail claim deductible (this can be very different from a non-hail/wind event). The policyholder is responsible for the deductible and any roofing component upgrades.

2.  Type of policy: RCV (Replacement Cost Value) vs ACV (actual cash value) policy. This is VERY important since it will reveal how much you will have to pay out of pocket.

3. Time allowed to complete the repairs (usually around 1-2 years from the date of loss)

If, after our roof inspection, we believe it’s prudent to file a hail damage claim, we will meet the adjuster at your property so that we can all inspect at the same time. This allows the scope of work to be accurately identified, so the process is smooth. The insurance company will then give you a copy of the claim and issue a check for usually the ACV amount (Actual Cash Value). Upon completion of work, we will invoice the insurance company to show them the work has been completed. They will then issue the final payment.

Note: If you have a mortgage on your property, it is normal for the insurance company to add your mortgage company to your check. You will have to send it off to them for them to endorse it and send it back. Don’t be offended by it; it is done that way for a reason.